Hearing of Spatial planning strategy 2020

At the municipal council meeting on 30 October 2020, the municipal council approved the 2020 Planning Strategy and it is now in public hearing.

The planning strategy describes goals and visions for the development of the municipality, and it forms the basis for revision of the town plan. That means that reading the strategy will provide insight into which direction the municipality is heading.

You can find the 2020 Planning Strategy by visiting the municipality's spatial planning portal. From November 4th 2020 to December 16th 2020, you can contribute with objections and remarks about the planning strategy.

If you have any response, comments or suggestions for changes in relation to the hearing - these need to be delivered to the Mulicipality no later than 16.12.2020. You can write your hearing response directly to the Municipality through the plan portal webiste.

Response to hearing request

You may also deliver your response to your local Sullissivik or mail it to the Municipality. You are also welcome to contact us directly by tel. 387676 or E-mail hh@avannaata.gl.

After the public hearing fase the municipal government will process all received responses, comments and suggestions for changes.

The planning strategy suggestion can either be aquired via the Municipality website www.avannaata.gl via ’the button’ Spatial Planning Portal with the link http://plania.avannaata.gl/en/ or directly from the Spatial Planning Portal.

Planning strategy 2020 PDF