Ten strategic focus areas

Focus areas

The planning strategy is the municipality’s tool for prioritising and targeting its planning efforts for the next years. Consequently, in cooperation with the municipal administrations, the municipal council has decided to grant special attention to ten strategic focus areas in the coming years. For each focus area, it is specified how the municipality will translate vision into action. Focus areas are listed in random order and are considered equally important.

Focus areas in the 2020 Planning Strategy are:

  1. Strong local communities, active citizenship and culture
  2. Good settings for children’s learning
  3. Inclusive public health and wellbeing
  4. Good employment opportunities
  5. Responsible development of tourism
  6. Promotion of local trade
  7. Settelemt, urban environment and good housing
  8. Access to water and sanitation
  9. Waste management and environment
  10. Climate adaption

UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)

The 2020 Planning Strategy stands out from previous planning strategies by using the UN SDGs to guide the municipality’s objectives.

The 17 SDGs were adopted in 2015 by all UN member nations. The purpose of the goals is to have all countries in the world join forces towards 2030 to bring about sustainable change in the world and, e.g., work to slow down climate change, reduce inequality and increase public health.

The 17 SDGs make up a universal language to guide and assist countries across the world in taking action and creating sustainable progress. The 17 SDGs come with 169 targets, which make the goals even more tangible and actionoriented. Here, local differences between countries must be considered, which is why not all targets are directly applicable in Avannaata Municipality.

In 2019, we held a seminar across administrations, working on translating global goals into our local context and selecting which goals are most important to the municipality. That work formed the basis for the 2020 Planning Strategy.

In the 2020 Planning Strategy, the municipality has indeed chosen to focus on the SDGs and targets that best reflect the challenges facing us today and in the future years. The municipal council will subsequently take stock of activities related to the SDGs when preparing future planning strategies.

Under each action area, it is stated which SDGs our local actions contribute to fulfilling. The appendix shows a complete overview of the specific targets.