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Reading instructions

All bylaws and their provisions can be seen af pdf's and are shown on dynamic maps.

Maps that area shown in the bylaws are based on available map data for the open country in Greenland. At present there are no updated maps for the open country in Greenland. Thus, there may be discrepancies between maps on the Spatial Planning Portal and the maps in the pdf version of the bylaws.

Maps on the Spatial Planning Portal provides an overview of the entire municipality. But: In all instances where there are deviations between maps in the pdf version of the bylaws and the Planning Portal, it is the maps in the bylaw (pdf) that applies.

Purpose of bylaws

These bylaws stipulate where motorised vehicles are permitted in the open country in Avannaata Municipality in winter by identifying transport corridors and traffic zones and by stipulating where driving is not permitted.

Content of bylaws

Bylaw covering the Ilulissat area
Bylaw covering the Nuussuaq area
Bylaw covering the Uummannaq area
Bylaw covering the Sigguk area
Bylaw covering the Upernavik area
Bylaw covering the Kullorsuaq area
Bylaw covering the Avanersuaq area

Avannaata Municipality hereby announces that bylaws on use of motorised vehicles in the open country in winter have been adopted, covering the entire municipality.

The municipality is divided into seven areas, each of which is governed by a separate bylaw. The bylaws stipulate where driving is permitted and under what circumstances.

The bylaws also describe in which areas driving is not permitted, e.g., in water protection zones and any vulnerable nature.

The municipality encourages all citizens to read the relevant bylaw before heading into the hinterland on a motorised vehicle.

The wording of the acts and appendices are available for download at the Government of Greenland’s page on legislation: -{CA6393D3-FA93-470F-AFDB-ECAB7F81E0A9}

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