Status of town plan addendums

Since the town plan was adopted in December 2018, the municipal council has adopted a number of town plan addendums. Below is a list of town plan addendums that have been promulgated as being force or have been commenced since the adoption of the town plan.

Settlements Sub-area Promulgated Plan name No.
UPV 1600-B03 17.04.2019 Area for industry by the helistop 1
ILU 1200-E05  18.06.2019  Explosives 2
ILU 1200-C02 20.01.2020  Greenlandic College of Social Education 4
UKK 1505-C01 06.03.2020 Atuarfik Pilerfik/church 5
ILU 1200-C03 11.01.2020 Atuarfik Mathias Storch 6
NUS     1606-B01 14.08.2019 Port by the power plant 7
UMM 1500-B01 26.03.2020 Napparutaarneq 8
ILU  1200-C21 15.01.2020 Sermermiut Aqqutaa 10
UMM   1500-B02  14.01.2020 Napparutaarneq 11
ILU 1200-A31 16.02.2018 Mittarfimmut Aqqutaa 17
003-K71 (QNQ)    1700-K71 23.02.2018 Area for Huts and holiday cottages 24
KLQ  1607-A01  29.08.2018  Residential area to the north of the church 44
UUM 1500-A12 01.02.2018 New development plan for residential area A12 47
ILU 1200-C21 15.01.2020  Sermermiut aqqutaa  48
ILU 1200-C26 13.03.2018  Centre areas 54
ILU 1200-A12 22.01.2018 Housing at Nammaarfik 55
ILU    1200-A13  22.01.2018 Housing at Hafnarfjodur-ip Aqq 56
ILU  1200-A32  16.02.2018  Residential area to the south of the Water lake 57
ILU  1200-D02  10.04.2018  Dog area by Mathias Storchip Aqqutaa and Sermermiut Aqqutaa 60
ILU   1200-E06  25.10.2018 Air port 62
ILU   1200-E04 25.10.2018   Disposal of surplus soil 64
ILU   1200-E05 18.06.2019  Explosives depot 65
ILU     1200-C27 11.03.2019 Centre areas 67
UMM  1500-C06  13.02.2019  Nalluffimmut 68
ILU   1200-C17 12.02.2019  Ilulissat town centre - Fredericiap Aqq. 71
ILU     1200-A30 29.03.2019 Siatsiviup Qaava 73
Settlements Sub-area Promulgated draft Plan name No.
QET 1707-A01, A02, B01, B02, C01, C02 11.06.2020 Area of new sub-areas for residential, commercial and center area in Qeqertat settlement 3
ILU  1200-B07   27.04.2020  Extension of sub-area B07, Industry area by Konrad Chemnitzip Aqquserna, Ilulissat 13
ILU  1200-C24  31.08.2020  Center area south of the Water lake 14
ILU   1200-B04  11.06.2020  Industry area Ilulissat Nord 15
UPV  1600-D03  25.06.2020  New cemetery in Upernavik 20
UUM  1500-E10 25.06.2020  New receiving station in Uummannaq 21