2020 Planning Strategy

At the meeting on 19 February 2020, the municipal council approved the Spatial Planning Strategy 2020 with a decision on a new vision, new values and new strategic focus areas for Avannaata Municipality. In addition of being a presentation for the revision of the Municipal Plan, Spatial Planning Strategy 2020 is also regarded as a political prioritization tool, which describes the visions of the Municipal Council within both social services, the technical area, economics, business development and learning.

Approved Plan Strategy 2020 is handed over to the new municipal council, which will also receive a revised proposal for the Avannaata Municipal Plan 2018-2030 in order for preparing the Avannaata Municipal Plan 2021-2033. Subsequently, the new municipal council is to make their own decision whether it has different requests for visions, other values and a different strategy for focus areas. It must be stated here that a new spatial planning strategy can be prepared at any time according to wishes and needs and in all respects, which may contain certain topics and does therefore not need to contain overall topics.

Sectorial work and planning:
The planning strategy also forms the basis for the work in the individual sectors. All individual focus areas in the sectorial work contain tangible goals and form the basis for future preparation of the municipality's sectorial plans.