Sustainable development is a joint project


Avannaata Municipality wants to take the path of sustainability. To that end, the municipal council has developed a new vision for the municipality that reflects the new direction.

Sustainability is about how we can secure good conditions for people and the environment, now and in the future. Among other things, this entails carefully managing our resources so we can hand over a sound Earth to the next generations. Sustainability lies in many aspects – social, physical, economic, climate and environmental.

Securing a sustainable development is a huge task – one that the municipality cannot solve on its own. Everyone must contribute, which is why future development will be carried out in close cooperation with citizens, businesses, volunteer organisations and other authorities. As a result, the municipal council decided to name the new vision for the municipality “Sustainable development is a joint project”.


The municipality’s activities will build on four values, which the municipality’s citizens helped define. The four values must characterise the municipality’s activities going forward, and help ensure that the municipality will be able to realise its vision and objectives. The four values are:

  • Long-term planning: We will apply a longterm and sustainable perspective that considers the needs of tomorrow
  • Innovation: We will identify solutions adapted to local needs and challenges
  • Quality: We will strengthen our service level and staff skills to have municipal activities be characterised by high quality
  • Responsibility: We will act responsibly and meet citizens’ expectations

Strategic focus areas

The vision will be realised through holistic, long-term development of ten strategic focus areas. The focus areas reflect the municipality’s challenges and potentials as-is, and were identified based on focus group interviews with municipal administrations.

The 2020 Planning Strategy touches upon 15 out of 17 SDGs, but the above six highlighted SDGs are especially relevant to the planning activities to be carried out in Avannaata Municipality in the coming years.