2. Good settings for children’s learning

UN SDGs - targets Local actions
Ensure access by all people to safe, nutritious and sufficient food
We will explore the possibility of preparing a food policy to ensure that pupils are given healthy, nutritious food at school, in order to increase children’s well-being and basis for learning.
Ensure that all girls and boys complete free primary and secondary education
We will increase the share of the population that completes a youth education by creating a better transition between school and youth education. We will focus on increasing the quality of education by means of a retention and recruitment strategy to secure the most qualified teachers for the schools in the municipality.
Increase the number of persons capable of supporting themselves
We will increase the use of IT in school to ensure that children acquire relevant, technical qualifications that are useful in tomorrow’s job market.
Ensure that all learners acquire knowledge about sustainable development and global citizenship
We will prioritise sustainability training and outdoor activities as a natural part of children’s school days.
Build and upgrade education facilities that provide safe and inclusive learning environments for all
We will limit the share of pupils that are bullied in school by implementing an anti-bullying strategy and increasing the use of school social workers in town schools.