Approved - Sector plans

  • Approved sector plans


Notice of Sector Plan for Traffic and Sector Plan for Recreational Areas

At the municipal council meeting on 4 July 2017, the municipal council approved sector plans for, respectively, traffic and recreational areas.

The Sector Plan for Roads, Paths and Traffic forms a joint basis for future management of roads and paths in the municipality as well as requests for improved traffic safety in towns. For the sector plan, maps were prepared for all towns and settlements, showing classification of road networks, snow clearance and storage facilities, as well as links between the hospital and heliport, and requests for areas to be asphalt-paved.

The Sector Plan for Recreational Areas and Activities compiles material from towns and settlements across the municipality concerning how to develop recreational areas and outdoor areas and how to improve the range of activities available. As such, this sector plan provides a complete overview and planning basis for future development, focusing on the establishment and planning of urban spaces.

You can find the sector plans on the municipality's new spatial planning portal at or by clicking the link " Sector plans" in the menu bar above.