This strategy sets the stage for a targeted development of Qaasuitsup Municipality. The new vision sets out the direction and success criteria for the coming years:

In Qaasuitsup Municipality, there is room for many different people, experiences and development. Respecting our basis for living – the magnificent nature, natural resources and unique culture – we create room for new life, new communities, a sustainable modern development and – not least – each other.

In the world's largest municipality, there is room – room for experiences, room for thriving, room for people and communities, room for being human, room for each other, and room for leading a good life. Our slogan is

Qaasuitsup Municipality: Growth through diversity.

Qaasuitsup Municipality is an inclusive municipality – both in terms of settings and in terms of values.

The vision is the overall goal for Qaasuitsup Municipality, which all other policies and efforts aim for. Basically, the vision describes what Qaasuitsup Municipality is to live off and prioritise in the future and how to best unite the strengths within the municipality – including physical planning. It is also about how to unite the municipality's efforts in developing the municipality.

The vision is based on four values characterising the special qualities of Qaasuitsup Municipality. The four values underpin the vision for what Qaasuitsup Municipality should be known – and loved – for in the future. All initiatives undertaken in the municipality must tie in with the four values.

The four fundamental values in Qaasuitsup Municipality are:

  • Solidarity
  • Learning
  • Diversity

Qaasuitsup Municipality considers solidarity part of our cultural identity. Through solidarity, we achieve safety and are motivated to assume responsibility.

To be able to utilise the many future possibilities, learning is to be a focal point.

The strength of north-western Greenland lies in its diversity – our unique nature, the changes of seasons, natural resources, possibilities for adventures and our living societies. We want to maintain and protect this diversity in the future.

By focusing on hospitality, we can build on the traditional friendliness, warmth and openness of north-western Greenland.