Every four years, the Greenlandic municipalities are to decide whether they want to revise their town plans in part or in full. As part of the plan, a planning strategy must be prepared, setting the direction for the development and providing an overview of the future activities in the municipality.

The strategy is to present the visions for the municipality's future development, while being specific and action-oriented. The strategy is the first steps towards a new town plan for Qaasuitsup Municipality.

The municipality's planning strategy has a 12-year perspective, but is revised every four years. Consequently, in the 2017 Planning Strategy for Qaasuitsup Municipality, we have chosen to focus on the project and development initiatives which, over the next four years, will help bring us closer to fulfilling the overall goals of the vision.

The municipal council has decided to make the value growth through diversity the common thread in the planning strategy.

The department recommended the municipal council to add the following to the submitted draft: What do we want to be known for in Qaasuitsup Municipality and how do we get industrial and business development to play to its strengths in terms of fishery, research, education as well as tourism. This is included in present plan.

The municipal council decided to make the plan adaptable in case of a division of the municipality.

The town plan is updated regularly through town plan addendums.

As regards the municipal council's wish to have the plan be adaptable in case of a division of the municipality, the following can be said: If the municipality is divided, the legislative basis listed below shall apply.

Should the municipality be divided, new municipal councils will be set up and tasked with preparing planning strategies based on their goals and visions. Naturally, present plan may be used as a starting point, but the new municipal councils and their policies will form the basis for planning.

The 2017 Planning Strategy forms the basis for the revision of the town plan. Present draft 2017 Planning Strategy recommend to adopt a sub-revision of the town plan, since this would allow the current municipal council to be able to hand over updated material to the new municipal council(s).

In the planning strategy, the municipal council sets the stage for implementing a sub-revision of the town plan, and for having the 2017-2029 Town Plan focus on planning for tourism and business development. In parallel, work is done to develop infrastructure, and a decision is pending regarding realisation of the three program packages on infrastructure and airports.


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For the municipal council


Ole Dorph



Sakio Fleischer

Department of Infrastructure, Construction and Environment