IT, democracy and dialogue

Being the world's largest municipality, Qaasuitsup is facing a number of special challenges. Openness, dialogue and the use of modern technologies are to ensure a vibrant municipality, where the citizens feel they are part of the democracy.

Our large municipality with vast geographical distances between populated areas poses special challenges when it comes to involving citizens.

How do we ensure that citizens actively take part in the development of the municipality and continue to feel close to the political decision-making process despite the great distances? How do we ensure a vibrant municipality with democratic energy as well as good, constructive dialogue and discussions about the municipality's activities that can contribute to strengthening cohesion in Qaasuitsup Municipality?

Qaasuitsup Municipality wants to get even better at communicating the municipality's challenges and problems to the general public. With that in mind, Qaasuitsup Municipality is to be a municipality known for its openness and will to finding new ways of involving citizens: ranging from more information about citizens' fundamental rights to testing new methods of citizen involvement.

By involving and having the courage to consult citizens in connection with large-scale projects and decisions, key local information and knowledge is passed on, triggering a higher extent of commitment and responsibility.

The next generation of citizens is to be trained in dialogue and debate and should be able to discuss and participate actively, thereby making it a natural thing for children and the young to be active players in democracy.

The use of modern technology is one of the ways that we will seek to close the gap between citizens and the municipality. The new website will be an important joint platform, helping to tie together the municipality from north to south, from town to settlement, and reach citizens, no matter where they live.

Internet and broadband to all citizens in the municipality must be given high priority. We want there to be room for differences and the cultural diversity in our large municipality. Some of the challenges facing the municipality call for us to organise differently than what we are used to.

In addition to developing the digital possibilities of citizen involvement, communication with citizens and the municipality's administrative tasks, all settlements and towns are to focus on the physical buildings.

Efforts should be made to work in a more holistic and project-based manner across administrations, sectors, disciplines and geographies. Together, we must develop and select new projects that can make a difference, and the very way we organise ourselves will prove vital for our success.

In the future, we must also get better at systematically evaluating and assessing municipal initiatives and activities. Every time we dive into a new project, we should subsequently take the time to share experience about the activity. That entails asking everyone involved in the project: What went well? What can we do better?

In this way, the municipality can amass knowledge from each project, and thereby avoid repeating mistakes.

Qaasuitsup Municipality wants to be known as a welcoming municipality with vision and commitment – domestically and internationally. Through new collaborations, networks and knowledge sharing and by using modern technology in new ways, we will assume a global mind-set and create a basis for new friendships and future development.